Monster 821 2018 – Borgo Panigale’s brand to bring on the “New-Old-School” Monster

by Lorenzo Passon

This year’s model of the classic Italian motorbike brand, a Greek’s “right-measure” in the category of naked motorcycles.

Power, speed, reliability, manageability and fidelity to the classic design mixed into a modern style: that’s the new-born in the famous motorbike factory of Borgo Panigale. Every true rider knows that a motorbike is not just a means of transport: it is far more than that; it is a way to reach happiness, feel a rush of adrenaline, and discover yourself at the same time, and, sometimes, even bring your son to school. The Monster is all of that and even more.

The Monster 821 is, at the same time, one of the newest innovations from the Italian Brand (along with the introduction of the V4 in the Panigale) and a clear link to the past and the history of the model. The first Ducati Monster was first designed in the 1992, when the technical director of the brand decided to create something new, a styling exercise. The result was astonishing: a new motorbike with an aggressive style and the engine of a superbike but adapted to every day life.

This year’s version of “The Monster” is here, and at this Point one question is inevitable: why should this one be “The Monster”? Well, as I said is a bridge with the past. This edition is something special because is the 25th anniversary of the first launch of this historical model, so Ducati edited the yellow coat used in the first models, which during the past few years has been overshadowed by the better known red coat. This is a clear message,  aimed at both to the young-class-biker, like me, and to the old-one, meaning the first generations of bikers who fell in love with the 90’s model. The body of the 821 has maintained almost the same design of the latest models, but it is squarer with a double low exhaust on the right side with the collectors in view, which gives a sense of smooth and pleasant movement and brutal power at the same time. The front light seems a fusion of the 20-year-old Monster and the current Diavel model, guaranteeing  good view in all conditions, plus it gives even more sense of perfection to the design. We like it.

At the same time the brand is also launching a new superbike line, the Panigale with a totally new Ducati’s V4 engine. What’s new? Ducati has used two-cylinder-engines for its products. This fact gives more importance to the Monster: the 821 is not only the connection with the past of the Borgo Panigale’s factory, but it is also what in few years will be the past. A “New-model-past” , so to speak. While Ducati is designing its superbike and tourism motorbikes with the V4 engines, the Monster will maintain the classical engines that have always powered this jewel.

Unfortunately, the Italian brand is not only known for the quality of its products, but also for their price: let’s say that they “are not that cheap”. Put simply, Monsters are the most expensive naked motorbike on the market. Of course, no one can be happy about that; however, in the past few years the brand has incredibly improved the quality of its motorbikes, so the price is acceptable or at least comprehensible. Nonetheless these are products that, since they are the best motorbikes on the road, not everybody can afford. Fortunately, the second-hand market is usually well stocked, and waiting one or two years more for this jewel is definitely worth it


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