Is Peter Pane the new trend restaurant in Rostock?

Review: Peter Pane, Kröpeliner Straße 24, 18055 Rostock

One year after its opening in March 2017, Peter Pane might be the new trend restaurant in Rostock’s city centre. Peter Pane is all about excellent burgers and a cheerful and casual atmosphere, but there are other factors to consider before we can label Peter Pane as hip.

The Rostock branch of Peter Pane is the restaurant chain’s 17th in Germany. The pre-opening party was celebrated on 28th February 2017 before they opened the restaurant for everyone on 1st March.

Peter Pane stands for regional products and therefore has its finger on the pulse when it comes to transparency surrounding the origin of ingredients. Peter Pane only serves bread from the local family bakery Junge and obtains its chicken and beef from certified breeders in northern Germany. Their cheese and sauces are also produced in northern Germany. Also in the name of transparency, the regular menu and the seasonal menu are available on the Peter Pane website. If you are interested and can’t wait until you actually pay Peter Pane Rostock a visit, you might want to take a look in advance to check out what you are going to order.

Last Friday, we were looking for a restaurant which served burgers, steaks, sandwiches or other American food. We called Peter Pane to book a table for two. The waiter told us there was no need to reserve because there were still enough free tables. One hour later, we entered the restaurant and were placed on the tiniest table you can imagine because they were “fully booked”. We were caged between two other tables which made us feel like chickens in a coop. Neither of us could have got out if we’d wanted to, and neither could our neighbors. A friendly reminder that we had tried to book a table on the phone was ignored. So we sat there, angry and upset, discussing whether we should accept our fate. I gathered up all my courage and asked for better seats. My request was indulged and we were allocated a new, more comfortable but still tiny table. Apart from an excessively low hanging lamp which shone annoyingly into our faces, we had more room and even a little privacy. The music was trendy but too noisy, so that we could barely hear each other speak.

What I found unusual was the fact that the waiters could not be recognized as waiters because they had everyday clothes on. Also, they did not exactly endeavor to make their customers feel comfortable. If you enjoy cozy, romantic restaurants and appreciate a friendly conversation with the staff, Peter Pane might not be the best option for you.  I liked that you can choose whether to have extra cheese or go for the premium meat or opt for a double burger. Also, there are a large number of vegetarian alternatives and even burgers without bread for those who are watching their waistline. I ordered the “Nacho Macho” and the name says it all: it was loaded with nachos and cheese sauce! It couldn’t have been better! My partner had an ordinary burger with premium meat and cheese and was amazed. The fries we ordered additionally were quite good but not outstanding. On every table there were several free sauces to make it easier for you to vary and try out new tastes. If you were seriously thirsty, you might want to try the “Durstlöscher” or Peter Pane’s homemade lemonade, which is awesome. Peter Pane definitely has something to suit everyone’s tastes.

If you want to eat delicious, ordinary American burgers and are in the mood for R&B and Hip-Hop music or want to drink some cocktails before you head to a party with your student friends, Peter Pane could be the place for you. You will definitely have a great time, and the casual party atmosphere makes you want to carry on and have even more fun with your friends. Otherwise, for a romantic candlelight dinner there are absolutely better options.

Jana Fehrmann

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