Review: Sage Barista Touch

If you are in the mood for investing in the best freshly brewed coffee specialities you ever tried, then go for the shiny Barista Touch.

The well-known coffee machine company Sage is on its way to presenting a more upper class gadget which provides you with the possibility to get some manual-made espresso in the mix with bean-to-cup milky coffee varieties.

Every coffee lover’s heart will skip a beat when looking at the elegant Barista Touch. It catches your attention with its puristic appearance, realized through a shimmering metallic look. The clear lines in design are drawn by a reduction down to the essential features an enthusiastic coffee fan will ask for. Like a classic bean-to-cup machine, the Barista Touch offers a transparent bean holder at its top. Additionally there is the manual coffee grinder which lets you experience some of the most aromatic espresso you ever tried.

One especially lovely feature of the Barista Touch is its smooth touch screen in the very middle. It is captivating due to its pleasant size – big enough to have a comfortable look at the different pictures of every coffee type you can imagine and little enough not to feel that the manufacturer is calling your eyesight into question. Furthermore it does not irritate you by possessing a bunch of buttons no one can relate to. The Barista Touch, in its simplistic beauty, only features one. The easy power button gives you control of the On-Off function.

Other sweet features which are a must for a coffee expert are the detailed tools for choosing a specific grind duration, the appropriate brew amount and the right temperature. The proof of it being the perfect device for anyone who ever wanted to try a career as a hobby barista is the option of regulating the consistency of the milk foam – the absolute cherry on the cake. So may creativity be with you.

In conclusion it is important to mention that even if your passion for coffee has helped you to overcome many a tired afternoon struggle, you do have to consider the price. At £999 you are required to pay a small fortune if you want to call the Barista Touch your own. This may be slightly too much and certainly over-the-top if you are a student, but for a coffee loving family or a little shop – why not?

Anna Theresa Strecke

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