This is the best straightener!

I really love my new ghd. I got the ´ghd V gold nocturne´ premium gift set for Christmas last year and I can´t fault it. It does the job of straightening my hair and I haven´t noticed any damage. It is also so much quicker and smoother than my old one. It makes my mornings easy and stress free. The straightener heats up very quickly. I can also do curls with it as well as straightening. Additionally, I got a heat-resistant bag with it which is so smart and practical. Now I´m able to put it in my suitcase if I’m traveling and in a hurry. The bag has an extra partition which is like a separating wall. It means that the cable and the connector don´t come into contact with the straightener and melt when they’re put in the same bag. Furthermore, the cable is very long, so it gives me the run of the house, or at least of the bathroom. The technology is much better in comparison to the straightener I used to own. This device is the perfect size and is easy to handle too. Another feature is that it plays a sound when I turn it on and off and when it has finished heating up. This make it possible to get on with other things while I’m waiting. On top of this, the premium gift set includes a nail polish of the brand O.P.I. which is the same color as the straightener, or maybe a little bit darker (fortunately). I think this is really a nice extra, what girl wouldn’t be happy to have it as an extra gift? This brings me to the next point, because what I don´t like is the color of this straightener. It is a kind of metallic purple and I can’t imagine having anything else this color in my bathroom under the age of fifty. But this is a very subjective objection.

Ghd’s are definitely a must have investment when it comes to hair. I always struggle to get my hair straight because it’s naturally very curly, but tackling the ‘mane’ has become so much easier and quicker with these! They glide through hair so much easier than the average straighteners, and I don’t feel like I have to repeatedly go over and over the same sections. One or two strokes do the trick. I love that the brand always keeps up with the latest trends. The V gold nocturne limited edition styler is really gorgeous. Ghd stylers usually last for absolutely ages, plus their customer service is reliable too. They offer a return and / or repair service on all their stylers.

Of course, this high quality has its price. The ghd is an investment.  Prices range up to €250,  but special offers like gift sets and other promotions are increasingly available. The ghd V gold nocturne costs 150€. Money that it is absolutely worth spending.

Joana Gallas

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