Catan meets Game of Thrones

A world without Game of Thrones seems to be unthinkable for the majority of people. Almost everywhere in daily life people are talking about the new season or of the tragic deaths of the famous “ex”-characters. George R.R. Martin has filled everyone’s life with the heartbreaking and mysterious stories of the Game of Thrones. So why not turn Game of Thrones into a game that can be played by everyone? This idea was made reality by Catan, another famous game that has conquered daily lives. The entertaining board game that has made an irrevocable name for itself in the last decade can now be found in almost every family’s games collection.

The new Game of Thrones edition of Catan provides a new adventure for the whole family. It is a game that challenges your mind and beams you into the cold North of Westeros by transferring the fight against the white walkers to your dinner table. The game’s beauty and passion for detail in its design justify the high price of almost 80 Euros. Even the construction of the board game and all its meeples transforms your living room into a cold room in Westeros where you and your friends contrive new steps to keep the white walkers behind the wall.

The game is not only made for magpies of Game of Thrones merchandise but for anyone who loves playing board games and adores spending time with family and friends in a fun and thrilling atmosphere. Let yourself be captivated by the game’s detailed design and brilliant moves.

In comparison with earlier Catan editions and add-ons this new edition is very well thought-through in its game rules as well as in its random elements. All of them make the game a unique bestseller. The general play mechanism is maintained, but the motivation to win comes from a fresh and innovative idea that will make your next gaming evening unforgettable.

You have a mission. Survive the Game of Thrones. It’s your task to construct villages and cities in the frozen North. But pay attention! There are white walkers, giants and wildlings trying to find a way over the wall and who have nothing else in mind than to destroy your lives!

Although the game is reduced to a tiny extract of the books’ and series’ plot about the intrigues in the fictional kingdom of Westeros, this Catan edition is a great alternative to reading and watching which allows you to spend valuable time with your family and friends. Instead of encouraging children to hide themselves away from family activities in front of their new smartphone screens, this game invites your whole family to accompany it on a stunning journey. The two hours of play will be the subject of many conversations with friends whom you will tell about this amazing game.

I promise you, in these 2 hours you will get to know more about your relatives and friends than in any other situation.

If you are still sceptical about spending 80 Euros on a board game that you’ve never played before, allow me to say that there is always a first time. And I guarantee that it will be a great investment because there will always be a new adventure when you take the game out of the cupboard and gather around the dinner table. Furthermore, it is also possible to play the original Catan with this edition, permitting a slow introduction into the game’s mechanisms and rules.

To all Game of Thrones watchers who are waiting for the final season let it be said that this game is a great pastime to sidestep the long, seemingly never-ending months until the final season is released.

If you play the Game of Thrones Catan you can’t lose – even if you don’t actually win the game you will make great memories with your friends.

David Meyer

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