“Dieses bescheuerte Herz”

A bitter-sweet German comedy with the TV cutie Elyas M’Barek

If you want to have a relaxing evening in the cinema together with your besties, then make “Dieses bescheuerte Herz” by Marc Rothemund your choice.

Firstly it might be important to take a glance at this well-known German director. In the national film scene he is popular for masterpieces such as “Sophie Scholl” or “Heute bin ich blond”. These films both belong to a deep and meaningful genre which explores the inadequacy of the human being. Proceeding from this certainty, the genre directly touches the nerve of a wide audience and seems to be a reliable recipe for success.

You won’t just have a chilled movie night with “Dieses bescheuerte Herz”, you will also be pushed to think about how bad things can happen in life and in fact how lucky you are to have your life, even if it is not perfect all the time.

The film brings home to the audience how worthy a young life can be to someone when its near end is in direct sight. The story starts with a portrayal of a spoilt young chief physician’s son who struggles with this fact, but more about that later. The director creates a very good sense of how the superficial and decadent lifestyle of film son Lenny does not really have the potential to give him the purpose in life he really needs. So accidentally his father offers him the chance to take care of the terminally ill fifteen year-old David. At first their relationship is a bumpy road full of misunderstandings, but friendship eventually wins through.

Numerous scenes catch the audience’s eye by capturing authentic human emotions and showing them in a beautiful natural way. This makes the film really worth seeing. Not only are the main roles played by talented actors, the scenery consists of an intense environment too, which underlines and reinforces the feelings of the story.

Taking everything into consideration it can definitely be said that your money will be well invested by spending it on a cinema ticket to “Dieses bescheuerte Herz”. If you expect a demanding film which you might just understand by thinking outside the box, then you’ll leave your cinema seat disappointed. But if you focus your expectations on an easy going date night with your friends, then you will hit the bull’s eye.

Anna Theresa Strecke

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