Fifty Shades of Boredom rewritten, retold and now getting old – Darker reviewed

By D. Andres

Published just before Christmas, the newest Fifty Shades of Grey novel will most definitely be found under many a Christmas tree. After two years of waiting the fans will be rewarded with the second book of the series told through the eyes of Christian Grey himself.

The story is not surprising, the reader will once again engage in the love story of Ana and Christian, how they make up after their disastrous last time in the red room of pain, how Ana is getting a job and Christians buys the publishing company she now works for and eventually, rather sooner than later, he ends up firing her boss. We are witnesses once more to his first and second proposal, his helicopter accident and the final encounter with the devilish Elena. Typical for the series is that half the book consists of their sexual activities and is therefore relieving hidden fantasies of women world-wide.

And that’s all that is to say about the book. Apart from also being a massive fan of the story, I would especially not have wanted to miss the reading experience. As the first book of the series was published in 2011 as a fan fiction of twilight, the story is now getting somehow old. The reader is once again part of the same love story theme of a shy, innocent girl meeting a successful man who takes complete control of their relationship and, to a great degree, also her life. The girl is unable to leave this somewhat toxic relationship, for the man offers her the feeling of being desired, loved and being treated like a goddess. E.L. James makes use of the already common image of a strong alpha male who takes control in bed and leaves the woman fully satisfied.

So this is what we have got so far: four Twilight novels with the same storyline and themes, five twilight movies turning the well-known books into films, three Fifty Shades of Grey novels told out of Anastasia’s view, two already released films covering the first two book and the third one coming to cinemas this February and another novel retelling the same story and themes just out of the male’s perspective. I am sure you are getting the point I am trying to make. How much new can the second book telling a story for the third time just out of Christians view hold?

The answer is quite simple: not much. The fact that it is a refreshing change to, for once, get the chance to get an insight into the male’s point of view cannot cover up the fact of yet another 546 pages covering exactly the same events, places, people and movies as the two versions before. Therefore the reading experience at times drags and lacks originality. The most interesting appearance is given by one of Christian’s employee named Ros, a minor character not even of interest of the main story at all.

In the end after finishing the book the reader is left with an easy and pleasant read, the chance to be part of Ana’s and Christian’s world once more and the possibility to dive into a heartwarming romance. Its story is again amusing and deeply moving if you had been gripped by the charm of the innocent Ana and her unwavering love for Christian.

Unsurprisingly, this book is recommended for a mature audience. With the price of 8 € it is a good book for cold winter evenings spent at home with a cup of tea in the company of a sweet love story.


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